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ID Date Statesort descending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
917196 16-Jun-2007 AR Trabant/Wipe Out Ejection/fall from ride 11

11-yo boy ejected from the Wipe Out. The operator had not installed lap belts as required by...

Broken arm. Admitted to hospital.

917197 07-Apr-2007 AR Sizzler Ejection/fall from ride 7

Mother and child were ejected from a Sizzler ride. The child was killed, the mother injured....

7-yo boy died from severe injuries to head. Mother was treated and released.

917173 20-Nov-2007 AR Orbiter Entrapment or pinch-point 10

10-year-old boy's jacket or shirtsleeve became entangled in the machinery. The spinning action...

The child was ambulanced to a local hospital, then med-flighted to *** hospital. No information was provided on the injuries treated or the child's outcome.

917193 28-Jul-2006 AR Zig Zag Coaster Ejection/fall from ride 45

Adult patron ejected from coaster during ride.

Patron was hospitalized and underwent surgery due to her injuries.

911335 31-Oct-2003 AZ Sizzler Illness or neurological symptoms 22

22-year-old woman died while riding Sizzler carnival ride, approximately 60 seconds into the...

Coronor could not determine cause of death, but said most likely cause was cardiac arrythmia. Tissue sections revealed very few disease processes. She was significantly overweight. "It is...

898328 25-Oct-2000 CA flume ride Patron hit something within ride vehicle 6

During deceleration from steep hill, child bumped her front teeth on the safety pad. She was...

Contusion with minimal bleeding to mouth. 3 loose teeth. Parent drove to doctor.

898327 04-Oct-2000 CA flume ride Equipment failure

An animated figure on the ride caught on fire. All passengers were evacuated.

898333 04-Jan-2001 CA Falling Star Patron hit something within ride vehicle 10

While riding, child leaned over and struck her mouth on the side of the restraint.

Chipped right front tooth. Transported to dentist.

920315 15-Jun-2014 CA wild mouse Entrapment or pinch-point 8

8-yo boy mistook a staging stop for the final stop and started to exit the car. When the...

Degloving of skin on top of foot, torn tendons and fractures requiring in-patient hospitalization, skin grafts, and physical therapy.

898332 27-Dec-2000 CA Boomerang Body pain (normal motion) 11

Child twisted in his seat during the course of the ride. He felt pain in his back at the end of...

Back injury. Treated at *** Medical Center.