Accident Data by Agency

Illinois Department of Labor

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
916741 15-Nov-2007 IL inflatable slide Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 13

Patron's foot got caught under him as he was sliding down the inflatable slide. Diagnosed as a...

Sprained ankle

916742 17-Oct-2007 IL combo Vehicle moved during load/unload

Operator did not see patron putting her grandchild in the first car. As the ride started, the...

Leg injury

916740 14-Sep-2007 IL dry slide Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction)

Patron hurt his arm on the slide.

Possible arm injury

916739 01-Aug-2007 IL Enterprise Unscheduled stop

Four patrons were injured when the ride came to a sudden stop. All patrons hit their heads...

Head, neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

916738 20-Jun-2007 IL trackless train Derailment

While going around a turn, train tipped over sending children and one adult to nearby hospital....

Small lacerations and bruises

916737 12-Jun-2007 IL Top Spin Restraint too tight 12

Due to a stuck valve, coaster was stuck upside down for 10 minutes. During this time patron was...

916734 04-Nov-2006 IL inflatable obstacle course Fall (climb or play area)

Patron fell backward while climbing up obstacle course slide. Upon examining, child complained...

Broken arm

916733 14-Oct-2006 IL inflatable obstacle course Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 2

Patron went down obstacle course slide and as she hit the bottom dad said he heard a pop. Patron...

Pain in leg

916735 06-Aug-2006 IL unidentified coaster Injured by foreign object

Patrons were sprayed with oil and material from the wheels. The bearing of the wheel seized...


916732 05-May-2006 IL Gravitron/Starship 2000 Patron hit something within ride vehicle 9

Patron went too high up on the wall and cut the back of his head.

Laceration on head that required 3 staples