Accident Data by Agency

Indiana Office of Fire and Building Safety

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
909413 22-Jul-2003 IN ferris wheel Equipment failure 15

Power went off to Eli wheel, causing the hydraulic step to lift up and start clipping the floors...

Injury to leg. Transported via ambulance to hospital.

909412 16-Jul-2003 IN Rok N Roll Ejection/fall from ride 9

9-year-old boy came out from underneath the belt while the ride was upside down and fell onto...

Bruises and abrasions to back. Transported via ambulance to hospital.

909404 30-May-2003 IN wooden coaster Ejection/fall from ride 30

Woman was ejected from roller coaster, falling 40 feet to her death.

Death from blood loss as a result of multiple injuries.

909408 25-May-2003 IN Tivoli Employee injured 13

Ride operator attempted to jump over tracks after returning to duty from break. Operator was...

Operator and child transported via ambulance to hospital. Operator's MRI negative; released with pain meds. Report did not indicate what happened to injured child.

909407 16-Jul-2002 IN train Derailment

Train jumped tracks (derailed) at switch on hill.

909411 15-Jul-2002 IN Rok N Roll Ejection/fall from ride 9

9-year-old boy was ejected from the ride when the restraining belt came loose.

Injuries to back and ear.

909405 12-Jul-2002 IN Himalaya Injured by foreign object 21

Ride operator's walkie talkie got caught on a section of fence causing injury to two riders.

1) scraped and bleeding arm, 2) two injured fingers w/possible fracture

909409 16-Aug-2001 IN Twister Ejection/fall from ride 8

8-year-old girl was ejected from the ride, landing on her face and shoulder.

Transported via ambulance to hospital. Injuries to face, head, and neck.