Accident Data by Agency

Iowa Workforce Development

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ID Date Statesort descending Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
912428 16-Aug-2006 IA kiddie roundabout Ejection/fall from ride 3

Child was strapped in, but jumped out as the ride started and fell off. The next car behind ran...

Cut above right eye. Swelling and no movement of right leg above knee & hip. Child was transported to the hospital.

912423 13-Aug-2003 IA Ejection seat Equipment failure

Prelaunch mechanism let loose prematurely. Catch mechanism flopped over in the landing, sending...

Neck injuries; transported to hospital.

912422 10-Jun-2003 IA rafting ride Ejection/fall from ride

Fell out of ride. Log that created the ripple came loose. Also, one of the weights on the car...

912421 26-May-2004 IA train Unknown (not enough info) 2

Injuries to back and leg. No further information provided.

Back hurt and thigh bruised.

912420 16-Jul-2004 IA Tubs of Fun Load/Unload: scrape or stumble

Child climbing steps to the ride, slipped and hit his face.

912419 17-Aug-2005 IA Scrambler Patron hit something within ride vehicle

Father and daughter riding together. They did not hold onto the lap bar and the daughter fell...

Chipped tooth

912418 04-Aug-2005 IA Roll-O-Plane Ejection/fall from ride 8

Ride door opened while in operation; operator failed to secure pin. Child hit head and lost...

Head injury

912417 01-Aug-2005 IA ferris wheel Ejection/fall from ride

Mentally challenged man was on ride with a worker. He squirmed from seat of ride and fell a...


912416 18-Jul-2005 IA Dragon Wagon Derailment

Back part of train derailed with 2-year-old child riding in first car.

912415 27-Jun-2005 IA Sky Glider Employee injured

Employee injured his elbow while performing maintenance on the ride when his safety harness...

Elbow; extent of injuries unknown.