Accident Data by Agency

Clark County (NV) Dept. of Building, Inspections Division

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
913918 20-Feb-2007 NV family/kiddie coaster Vehicle moved during load/unload

A young rider broke a foot when a kiddie coaster was moved by the operator while riders were...

broken foot

913919 24-Feb-2006 NV monorail Employee injured

A maintenance worker on a transportation ride received an electrical shock while working to...

Electrical Shock

913920 11-Jun-2004 NV unidentified coaster Injured by foreign object

A rider on a roller coaster suffered severe head injuries when a smooth rock thrown from a 36th...

Severe head injury

913922 25-Dec-2003 NV motion simulator Employee injured

A ride operator stood in an incorrect position while a theatrical entrance door was lowered at a...

Broken ankles

913921 22-Feb-2003 NV unidentified coaster Body pain (normal motion)

One rider suffered lower back pain after riding a roller coaster. The rider initially refused...

Lower back injury

909275 28-Mar-2002 NV Hyper Coaster Derailment

A wheel came off the second car of a coaster train and the coaster came to an abrupt stop at a...

Minor injuries were sustained by six riders; no one was transported to the hospital.

898120 31-Dec-2000 NV indoor skydiving ride Employee injured

Worker suffered a fatal injury resulting from a 14-foot fall into an open elevator pit at a...


898107 09-Sep-2000 NV unidentified coaster Patron hit something within ride vehicle

One rider broke left front tooth in half and chipped right front tooth while riding a roller...

Broke left front tooth in half and chipped right front tooth

898108 26-Jul-2000 NV motion simulator Injured in queue or exit

Patron jumped the queue line to avoid paying entrance fee. The trespasser later jumped an upper...

Patron transported to a local hospital with head, shoulder, back, and neck injuries.

898109 02-Mar-2000 NV steel sitdown coaster Seizure or LOC

Rider lapsed into unconsciousness on coaster, was transported to hospital, and died two days...

Cause of death: intercranial bleeding.