Accident Data by Agency

Maryland Division of Labor & Industry

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
911930 15-Apr-2006 MD go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 9

Child hit from behind by another cart, struck face on steering wheel.

Cut lip, chipped teeth.

911922 17-Dec-2005 MD family/kiddie coaster Ejection/fall from ride 5

Child jumped from coaster car.

Broken arm, cut on head.

911921 24-Sep-2005 MD Pony Carts Ejection/fall from ride 5

Unchecked safety restraint. Passenger fell to platform.

Sprained leg.

911920 19-Aug-2005 MD ferris wheel Injured by foreign object

An improperly attached guard fell, hitting a patron.

Cut forehead

911940 05-Aug-2005 MD Flying Dutchman Injured by foreign object 30

Passenger struck by unknown object

Cut on eyelid

911929 20-Jul-2005 MD go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object 10

Wreck into guardrail

Broken arm, cut knee.

911919 19-Jul-2005 MD Expo Wheel Ejection/fall from ride 6

Mechanical breakdown caused tub to flip and a passenger fell 6' to the ground.

Bruising to face, arm, and leg.

911946 03-Jul-2005 MD waterslide Unknown (not enough info) 29

Cause of death not ride related.


911918 26-May-2005 MD Inverter Employee injured

Operator saw something fall from the rider's seat onto the ride's trailer. He then climbed onto...


911917 25-Mar-2005 MD Gravitron/Starship 2000 Patron hit something within ride vehicle

Passenger received a cut to the back of her head after climbing to the top of the couch when the...

Cut on the back of the head