Accident Data by Agency

Massachusetts Dept. of Public Safety

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
916744 24-Sep-2006 MA Cuckoo Haus Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 11

While patron was walking through ride, she stepped on rotating disk, lost balance and fell....

Right hip sore

916743 16-Jul-2006 MA go kart Equipment failure

Wheel fell off go kart, resulting in injury for patron.

911896 31-Dec-2005 MA Rio Grande Train Ejection/fall from ride 1

Grandfather placed 3 young children in Engine Car of the train and asked operator whether he...

Cut on head. Grandparents transported to hospital.

911897 13-Jul-2005 MA alpine slide Burn (includes friction burn)

Child lost control of sled while sliding down "First Time Rider" track. She reported that the...

Friction burns to both arms and one leg.

911947 21-May-2005 MA inflatable climb wall Fall (climb or play area)

Woman reached top of inflatable climbing wall and began to descend. She apparently lost her...

Fatal head injury. Patron lost consciousness at scene, was transported to the hospital and died four days later.

911332 27-Oct-2004 MA Sizzler Ejection/fall from ride

Car #6 catastrophically failed at 160 degrees from operator station. Two patrons were ejected...

1 patron died; 1 was hospitalized in serious condition; 1 was treated at the hospital and released later that day.

911337 10-Jul-2004 MA fun house Entrapment or pinch-point 4

A 4-year-old girl entered the funhouse with her mother and older sister. While on the top level...

Severely lacerated finger.

911891 28-May-2004 MA Tubs of Fun Ejection/fall from ride

Child was spinning the ride, blacked out, and was ejected. Treated at school infirmary for the...

Bleeding from head.

909410 30-Apr-2004 MA mega coaster Ejection/fall from ride 55

Overweight man was ejected from the ride as it rounded the final turn, struck a support column,...


911890 07-Jun-2003 MA Speedway Ejection/fall from ride 2

R-key came out of the arms of a car on the Speedway during a ride cycle. The car hit a...

Bump on head. Child was checked by EMTs and was not taken to hospital.