Accident Data by Agency

Michigan Dept. of Labor and Economic Growth

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
912308 17-Nov-2005 MI waterslide Employee injured 16

Employee was walking down the stairs of the slide, then slipped on wet stairs and fell, injuring...

912309 07-Oct-2005 MI waterslide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 44

Man fell off tube and hit his head on the slide. He was unaware of the twists and turns during...

Laceration and bruises

912310 16-Sep-2005 MI Raiders Entrapment or pinch-point 59

Ring on patron's hand caught on rivet, resulting in degloving of finger (ripped off end of...

Injury was not life-threatening, but could result in long-term damage.

912311 26-Aug-2005 MI go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object 11

Go kart bounced on the side wall and into the injured person's kart causing his kart to run...

Seat belt left bruises on both shoulders

912312 19-Aug-2005 MI sky ride Patron hit by ride 76

Passenger was unloading and was not able to get away from moving chair fast enough. She was...

912314 08-Aug-2005 MI steam train Burn (includes friction burn)

Fuel company delivering diesel fuel to storage tank without train crew's knowledge. Hose was...

Burns to operator's arm; additional injuries caused by panicked people getting off train. 17-yo reported 2 broken legs. 64-yo reported two broken ribs. 58-yo reported broken leg.

912313 07-Aug-2005 MI Tilt-a-Whirl Equipment failure

Tub came off spindle.

912315 05-Aug-2005 MI Gravitron/Starship 2000 Injured by foreign object 17

Scenery support bar came loose, entered ride through roof and struck guest. R-key broke during...

Injury to mouth; loose teeth, laceration to rt. eye brow; tenderness to rt. arm near elbow.

912316 05-Aug-2005 MI Scrambler Injured by foreign object

Coupling chain attached to motor drive shaft and center of ride came unattached, flew in air,...

Child hit in head by flying parts.

912317 04-Aug-2005 MI waterslide Seizure or LOC 38

Injured was unconscious as she reached the slide bottom. Later reported head pain on right side...