Accident Data by Agency

Missouri Division of Fire Safety

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
916817 30-Jul-2007 MO Hi Roller Patrons collided within vehicle 8

8-yo patron was riding with his 13-yo uncle and both were restrained by the padded lap bar....

Fractured collar bone

916818 19-Jul-2007 MO wooden coaster Patron hit something within ride vehicle 15

Patron stated that during the ride, the lap bar was not all the way down. On one of the dips,...

Broken leg

916819 16-Jul-2007 MO Round Up Electrical shock 9

Patron was coming off the ride and received an electrical shock when she touched the railing....

Electric shock

916822 25-May-2007 MO Sizzler Equipment failure

As the ride was coming to a halt, one of the arms suddenly dropped, letting the car bucket fall...

The occupants of the car received minor injuries, described by the ride owner as "bumps and bruises".

916821 19-May-2007 MO water coaster ride Patron hit something within ride vehicle 9

Patron went down Waterboggan raft water slide and complained of her upper left arm hurting.

Fractured upper left arm, required surgery.

916820 15-Sep-2006 MO unspecified spinning ride Illness or neurological symptoms

Patron complained of nausea, double vision and dizziness.

916824 03-Jun-2006 MO wooden coaster Abrupt stop/drop/lurch

Patron suffered broken neck (multiple fractures) during the normal course of the ride. He could...

Neck broken in more than one place.

916823 06-May-2006 MO Sea Dragon Injured by foreign object

Patrons in the ride were sprayed with hydraulic fluid. The source was found to be a cracked...

4 of the injured patrons were small children, transported to *** Hospital. The remaining 5 victims were transported to *** Hospital. All victims were treated to remove hydraulic fluid from their...

916825 21-Mar-2005 MO steel sitdown coaster Collision: operator-controlled vehicles

A train coming into the station struck the stationary empty train that was already there.

Four people were transported to the hospital with non-serious injuries: back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, 2 bruised hips, buised side