Accident Data by Agency

New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
916251 14-Dec-2007 NJ inflatable obstacle course Equipment failure

Two children were pulling on one end of tug of war rope with 1 child on other end. Rope popped...

916250 06-Dec-2007 NJ inflatable slide Patrons collided

Danny was racing friend in med obstacle course, when he crashd into friend on other side.

916249 17-Nov-2007 NJ Foam Factory Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction)

Charline stated someone threw a basll at Jose, he ducked out of the way and hit his mouth on the...

916247 13-Oct-2007 NJ go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object

Rajeer (the person with Raschid that night and initial person involved in the incident) was...

916245 06-Oct-2007 NJ Accelerator Coaster Body pain (normal motion)

After riding the ride, pt. exited the ride and complained of upper back pain.

916242 05-Oct-2007 NJ inflatable obstacle course Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction)

Injured stated as he was going through the obstacle course, his knee bumped into his hand...

916244 05-Oct-2007 NJ go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles

They had stop all cars on the track the dovole car was stopped and then two cars hit them from...

916243 05-Oct-2007 NJ inflatable obstacle course Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction)

Little girl scraped her elbow while on ride. There was a small cut abrasion on her elbow. Her...

916239 28-Sep-2007 NJ inflatable slide Patrons collided

Came down slide to another child and hit heads on each other.

916238 22-Sep-2007 NJ Foam Factory Fall (climb or play area)

Zachary was walking on the 2nd level, right side of foam frenzy by the levitation table and he...