Accident Data by Agency

New York Dept. of Labor

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
917154 26-Aug-2007 NY go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object 14

Patron came into the put area after the last lap signal was given, turning left, then right,...

917151 10-Aug-2007 NY Raiders Entrapment or pinch-point 6

As patron was starting on the up-down floor, he fell and his hand was squeezed between the floor...

912470 28-Jun-2007 NY Scrambler Employee injured 21

Ride attendant was fatally ejected while riding the attraction in an improper and unsafe...

Death from blunt trauma

917150 23-Aug-2006 NY Drop Zone (portable) Equipment failure

Wire ropes failed, passenger platform descended rapidly until it stopped at the starting...

Twelve patrons were on the ride at the time of the accident. All injured patrons were transported to either the State Fair infirmary or local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

917152 19-Jul-2006 NY Rok N Roll Fell from seat, but not carrier

Patron was on the ride when her passenger restraint belt loosened causing her head to hit the...

Serious laceration to head requiring 10 staples.

917153 05-Jul-2006 NY Cannon Bowl Fell or slid out of waterslide or snowtube 19

Patron fell off inner tube on the way down and bumped the side of the slide.

Bumped head, wrist, ankle & legs

912434 31-Aug-2005 NY Top Scan Ejection/fall from ride 45

Woman was fatally ejected from the ride mid-cycle.

Fatal head injury

912435 30-Aug-2005 NY Tivoli Employee injured 18

Ride operator was hit by coaster cars. The ride was empty of passengers at the time and the...

Fatal injuries included crushed pelvis, punctured aorta, lacerated liver.

912430 22-Aug-2005 NY Enterprise Employee injured 29

Employee was crushed to death while setting up ride.


912433 05-Aug-2005 NY kiddie roundabout Ejection/fall from ride 4

4-yo child fell out of moving kiddie ride and was run over by the next car.

Cuts to lip and ear, contusion to head.