Accident Data by Agency

North Carolina Dept. of Labor

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
911783 06-May-2005 NC Scrambler Load/Unload: hit or pinched by restraint

Wind blew door open on ride while unloading.

Smashed pinky finger.

911792 30-Sep-2004 NC Wave Swinger Equipment failure 18

Walk plate was dislodged and lying on top of other plates. Child fell and grabbed the plate....

Foot injury.

911784 30-May-2004 NC Paratrooper Equipment failure 16

R key came out of the pin. Pin worked out and struck child in the head.

Pin hit child in head.

911789 28-Aug-2003 NC Trabant/Wipe Out Patron hit something within ride vehicle

Adult and child flipped in tub.

Child was diagnosed with fracture of the left clavicle.

911787 23-Jul-2003 NC stand-up coaster Seizure or LOC 12

Child was riding *** and slumped forward.

Neck injury

911786 12-Jul-2003 NC Mine Train Extremity hit something outside carrier

Child injured foot as car entered the station.

Foot injury.

911785 27-Jun-2003 NC unidentified coaster Patron hit something within ride vehicle 7

Child hit stomach on lap bar when ride jerked.

Stomach injury

911782 27-Mar-2003 NC unidentified coaster Abrupt stop/drop/lurch 10

Riding saturator car. Car made a move and jerked her.

Neck, back, and leg injury

911794 28-Oct-2002 NC wild mouse Unknown (not enough info)

Neck injury.

Neck injury.

911793 23-Oct-2002 NC Kamikaze 2 Employee injured 41

Ride operator walked into path of moving ride. Employee was killed and one patron (15-yo girl)...

Operator suffered fatal injuries; patron had bruises to the legs.