Accident Data by Agency

Ohio Dept. of Agriculture

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
916731 20-Sep-2007 OH inflatable obstacle course Fall (climb or play area) 20

Patron fell while participating on course.

Broken arm

916729 03-Aug-2007 OH waterslide Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 25

Patron suffered compound fracture and laceration of left ankle while riding "The Cliff" water...

Compound fractured left ankle

916728 03-Aug-2007 OH wooden coaster Body pain (normal motion) 30

Patron complained of pain after riding and exiting ride. Transported and admitted to hospital,...


916730 03-Aug-2007 OH Hy 5 Ferris Wheel Ejection/fall from ride 3

3-yo child critically injured in fall from ferris wheel when the tub flipped over due to a...

Hospitalized in critical condition with multiple injuries, including a skull fracture.

916727 09-Jun-2007 OH carousel Entrapment or pinch-point 78

Patron got leg caught between deck and ride platform when entering carousel ride. Admitted to...

Knee injury

916726 04-Jan-2007 OH waterslide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat

Patron fell off tube while coming down Alberta Falls yellow slide. Head injury. Admitted to...

Head injury

916725 10-Nov-2006 OH inflatable obstacle course Fall (climb or play area) 35

Patron slipped on inflatable obstacle course while assisting daughter. Transported and admitted...

Broken ankle

916724 22-Aug-2006 OH Round Up Electrical shock 12

Patron shocked while exiting round-up ride. Caused by worn insulation on electrical wires.

Electrical Shock

916723 28-Jul-2006 OH go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 10

Patron involved in a collision with another kart. Diagnosed with concussion and admitted to...

Concussion, laceration under eye

916722 27-Jul-2006 OH train Derailment

Train car derailed. Over 30 passengers on train.

Four transported to local hospital but not admitted.