Accident Data by Agency

Oklahoma Dept. of Labor

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
917158 11-Oct-2007 OK go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 12

Patron in kart #16 stopped in the middle of the track when kart #3 hit him from behind. Patron...

916804 02-Oct-2007 OK Zyklon Collision: operator-controlled vehicles

One of the cars slowed or stopped on the track, triggering a series of repeated collisions...

3 patrons injured, one transported to the hospital

916805 01-Oct-2007 OK kiddie car ride Derailment

Patron's truck derailed and wound up against the fence. Caused by missing R-key that usually...

916812 01-Oct-2007 OK dry slide Patrons collided

Two patrons were on the fun slide. First patron came off the slide bag and got sideways into the...

Laceration on right eyebrow and bump on forehead

916806 01-Oct-2007 OK fun house Fall (climb or play area) 39

Patron fell down a slide after her 3 year old son went down.

Injuries to neck and back

916807 28-Sep-2007 OK kiddie car ride Derailment

Trucks derailed and hit the fence when the guide wheel shaft broke on truck 3. Patron complained...


916808 26-Sep-2007 OK Dragon Wagon Other

Patrons standing outside of fence surrounding the ride were leaning in to give high five's to...

916809 26-Sep-2007 OK Clown Around Patron hit something within ride vehicle

Patron's dragon was whipped around, striking her nose on the back of its head.

Bloody nose

916810 25-Sep-2007 OK go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object

Patron was riding in kart 57 when there was a spinout in front of her. The parties that spun out...

Dizziness, head pain, blurry vision and pain in middle back area

916811 23-Sep-2007 OK Zyklon Collision: operator-controlled vehicles

Operator stated that he was not paying attention and missed the first of the two brakes that...

One female was transported to the hospital with neck injuries. Eleven other patrons were involved in the collision, but the ride owner did not know whether any had sought medical treatment.