Accident Data by Agency

Rhode Island Building Commission

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
909385 18-Jul-2003 RI carousel Equipment failure

One of the camshafts that cause the horses to go up and down broke out of its seat next to the...

Mother was transported to the hospital. Preliminary x-rays showed no broken bones, but an MRI was ordered to confirm.

898179 26-Oct-2000 RI Motorcycles Equipment failure 2

Pin holding one cycle to the ride broke, and the cycle pitched forward and rolled over to the...

Head injury. Child transported to hospital, treated and released.

898181 22-Sep-1999 RI Roll-O-Plane Unscheduled stop

A bolt came off the sprocket-chain system that drives the ride, leaving two riders in the upper...

898180 14-Aug-1999 RI Tubs of Fun Ejection/fall from ride 11

Child and a few friends were spinning the wheel of a teacup ride when the child fell out.

Contusion to head, abrasions to back. Transported to hospital.

898178 18-Jun-1999 RI Skymaster Fell from seat, but not carrier 13

Child fell out of seat and was banging around in car.

Multiple scrapes to back and nose.