Accident Data by Agency

Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
911956 03-May-2006 WA Tilt-a-Whirl Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 6

A 6-year-old girl was running toward the ride on the platform and tripped.

Cut on forehead and knot on her head. Transported by paramedics to ER.

911954 25-Nov-2005 WA trackless train Derailment

One of the cars on the train tipped over.

Two people on the train were seen by the medics. One had a bump on the head, one complained of back soreness. Neither were transported to the ER.

911953 29-Sep-2005 WA inflatable bungee run Injured by foreign object

Bungee cord on a bungee run inflatable ride broke during a private event at *** *** Athletic...

Victim went to the hospital. No further information available.

911952 20-Aug-2005 WA Spider Patron hit by ride 2

While waiting in line for the spider ride, a 2-year-old boy unlatched the gat and ran into the...

Head injury, loss of consciousness. Severity/treatment not specified in report.

911955 19-Apr-2005 WA train Unknown (not enough info)

Incident on train, minor injury of patron, didn't require more than ordinary first aid. Train...

Not specified in report

911950 15-Mar-2005 WA Max Flight Simulator Fell from seat, but not carrier

A shoulder restraint bolt failure during ride caused the restraint to fail and a passenger to...

The rider had an abrasion on his head; paramedics transported to ER

911949 30-Jul-2004 WA Titanic Slide Equipment failure

Titanic slide deflated at private event for the Tulalip Casino leaving 7-10 children stranded in...

7-10 children were taken to the hospital and later released with minor injuries

911948 31-Aug-2003 WA Classic Family Coaster Collision: operator-controlled vehicles

The second car was dispatched too closely after the first car left the station. When the second...

Not specified in report.