Accident Data by Agency

West Virginia Division of Labor, Safety Section

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
911781 06-Oct-2005 WV ferris wheel Vehicle moved during load/unload 52

A rider was getting off the ride when the wheel began to move. The man was thrown from his seat...

Patron was thrown from the ride, landing on the back of the wheel deck. Injury to hip and thigh.

911780 05-Sep-2003 WV dry slide Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 50

Woman came down the Giant Fun Slide on the purple section. Apparently she was at a higher rate...

Injury to back, buttocks, tailbone. Paramedics transported to hospital.

911779 13-Aug-2003 WV Tornado Patron hit something within ride vehicle 17

Young woman suffered a severe cut to her 5th finger while riding the Tornado.

Severe cut to 5th finger. Paramedics transported her to hospital.

911778 29-Jul-2003 WV Roll-O-Plane Patron hit something within ride vehicle 13

Two girls received bruises and lacerations from being bounced around while riding next to the...

1) bruises to arm from shoulder to elbow and leg from hip to mid-thigh; 2) bruises from left hip to knee and laceration 1x3cm just below hip with abrasions around laceration.

911777 28-Jul-2003 WV inflatable slide Injured in queue or exit 7

Slide was closed off with no operator present at time of incident. Child was caught on the rope...

When she got home, the parents observed that her neck was red with scratches. The next morning she had nosebleeds and headache.

911776 03-Jul-2003 WV combo Ejection/fall from ride 1

Toddler (18-months) was leaning out of car and seatbelt came unfastened. Ride started with a...

Caught under ride and run over by cars. Suffered head injury. Treated and released with instructions for follow-on with family doctor.

911775 03-Jul-2003 WV go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object 6

9-yo child was driving 2-person kart with 6-yo as passenger. Kart came around curve and ran...

Cut on head, transported to hospital for stitches.

911774 26-Oct-2002 WV go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object 13

Driver lost control of go-kart and hit wall. Driver said steering didn't work.

Chin and below eye hit steering wheel causing cut below eye. Victim transported to hospital.

911773 28-Sep-2002 WV go kart Go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object 12

12-year-old child driver ran into curb, then hit wall. May have confused gas and brake pedals...

Injury to neck and knee. Paramedics transported to hospital.

911772 02-Aug-2002 WV Roll-O-Plane Fell from seat, but not carrier 19

Lap bar came open partially and caught on aluminum pin during ride cycle. Two patrons were...

Both patrons were taken by ambulance to hospital for diagnostics (x-ray, cat scan). Possible concussion. Follow-on treatment required for back pain, numbness, blackouts.