Accident Data by Agency

Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
912597 19-Oct-2006 CO dark ride Ejection/fall from ride 9

Riders jumped from the car while ride was in motion after being scared.

Injured leg

912479 31-Jul-2006 CO unidentified coaster Patron hit something within ride vehicle

Female guest claimed to have sustained head injury after riding major coasters in the park. She...

Head injury: vertebral artery dissected

912478 31-Jul-2006 CO Top Spin Patron hit something within ride vehicle

Chipped front teeth on lap bar.

912477 28-Jul-2006 CO Top Spin Restraint too tight

Woman claimed to have suffered internal bruising from the lap bars.

912476 09-Jul-2006 CO tube slide Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction)

Patron injured her head while riding.

912591 06-Jul-2006 CO Midge-o-Racer Collision: operator-controlled vehicles

Car 6 skewed, causing Car 7 to go over Car 6's fender.

Bruising to right arm and face.

912595 28-Jun-2006 CO scooters Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 12

Two bumper cars collided. Passenger's mouth hit hard part of steering wheel.

Chipped tooth.

912475 27-Jun-2006 CO Breakdance Load/Unload: hit or pinched by restraint

Safety bar hit patron in face as he was getting off.

912590 26-Jun-2006 CO Hurricane Vehicle moved during load/unload

While exiting, swinging ride car bumped rider.

Injury to shoulder.

912474 25-Jun-2006 CO family raft Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction)

Sustained laceration above left eye while riding.