Accident Data by Agency

Connecticut Dept. of Consumer Protection

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ID Date State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury
909392 17-Oct-2003 CT Orbiter Body pain (normal motion) 10

Child complained of neck soreness from riding Orbiter (note: another child [8-yo boy] was...

Two girls treated at carnival's EMS tent for neck soreness.

909393 17-Oct-2003 CT Orbiter Illness or neurological symptoms 8

Child became dizzy and disoriented while riding Orbiter, and had to be carried off the ride. (...

Transported via ambulance to hospital. Mild concusion; doctor felt it may have been caused by the speed and centrifugal force of the rotation of the amusement ride.

909399 18-Jul-2003 CT Music Fest Equipment failure 12

12-year-old girl suffered a broken jaw and extensive injuries to her mouth and teeth when the...

Transported via ambulance to hospital. Broken jaw and serious injuries to upper teeth and gums. Immediate surgery required.

909394 16-Jul-2003 CT ferris wheel Unscheduled stop

Operator improperly loaded the wheel, causing it to become stuck, leaving patrons stranded.

909395 14-Apr-2003 CT Dragon Wagon Ejection/fall from ride 4

4-year-old child was thrown from a kiddie coaster when the ride went into the corner. Her foot...

Transported via ambulance to hospital. Cat scan and x-rays were negative. Cuts and bruises on her legs, back, and face; head injury.

909396 07-Sep-2002 CT combo Vehicle moved during load/unload 57

Ride started while woman was loading her grandchildren onto cars. Her leg became pinned under...

Transported via ambulance to hospital. Severely bruised leg and cut requiring stitches on the backside of her leg.

909400 05-Oct-2001 CT Roll-O-Plane Equipment failure

Ride moved while operator was unloading two girls from their car. As a result the girls ended...

909398 02-Jul-2001 CT Wacky Worm Ejection/fall from ride 5

5-year-old girl forcefully ejected from a kiddie coaster as her car rounded last curve on the...

Transported via ambulance to hospital. Cat scan and x-rays were negative. Sustained facial lacerations and bruises.

909397 13-Jun-2001 CT Boomerang Equipment failure

Sensor failed causing fully-loaded coaster to go higher than usual in the ramp, then continue...

909401 12-Jun-2001 CT wooden coaster Employee injured 23

Employee of the amusement park sustained fatal injuries while conducting grounds maintenance...

Fatal injuries to head.