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ID Date State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
919130 11-Oct-2008 CA flume ride Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 38

Left knee pain when exiting log.

Pain in left knee. Treated at local hospital.

919070 10-Oct-2008 CA wooden coaster Body pain (normal motion) 24

While riding, patron felt a pop in her hip and experienced pain.

Hip pain. Transported to the hospital as a precaution.

919194 04-Oct-2008 CA 4th dimension coaster Body pain (normal motion) 37

Guest came to first aid complaining of stomach pain. He stated that he had recently ridden this...

Stomach pain. Treated at hospital.

919055 03-Oct-2008 CA Spider Body pain (normal motion) 41

While riding, the patron slid down his seat and hurt his back.

Back pain. Transported to hospital by ambulance.

919115 02-Oct-2008 CA motion simulator Body pain (normal motion) 41

Guest stated he felt back pain as he stood up from riding. History of back problems.

Back pain. Treated at local hospital.

919196 30-Sep-2008 CA 4th dimension coaster Unknown (not enough info) 25

Park received a request to pay medical expenses for patron who claimed injuries from riding....

Treated at hospital.

919057 26-Sep-2008 CA bumper boats Vehicle moved during load/unload 77

Guest was exiting the boat, which had not yet been tied off. The boat moved and the guest fell...

Patron transported to hospital

919074 25-Sep-2008 CA drop tower Patron hit something within ride vehicle 42

Guest stated her left shoulder hit the restraint during ride.

Shoulder injury. Treated at local hospital.

919127 25-Sep-2008 CA wooden coaster Body pain (normal motion) 23

Patron states neck pain after riding.

Neck pain.

919096 20-Sep-2008 CA steel sitdown coaster Entrapment or pinch-point 20

Guest stated that her foot got caught exiting the attraction.

Foot injury. Treated at local hospital.