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ID Date State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
919073 05-Sep-2008 CA rafting ride Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 11

Guest stated she slipped and fell on the exit turntable.

Fractured elbow. Treated at local hospital.

919089 05-Sep-2008 CA boat ride Illness or neurological symptoms 20

Guest states she had increase of twitching after riding attraction. Guest also has extensive...

Exacerbation of twitching. Treated at local hospital.

919078 04-Sep-2008 CA flying jet/rocket Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 77

Guest stated he injured his left rib while boarding ride vehicle.

Treated by private physician

919164 31-Aug-2008 CA tea cups Fell from seat, but not carrier 6

Guest was spinning and fell off to the side and hit floor.

Small laceration and missing baby tooth on lower bite. Treated at local hospital.

919105 31-Aug-2008 CA boat ride Body pain (normal motion) 22

Guest stated she felt back pain after riding.

Back pain. Treated by paramedics.

919157 31-Aug-2008 CA wet play Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 12

Guest stated that she fell while entering slide #2 and bumped her mouth on the bar that goes...

Injury to mouth. Treated at local hospital.

919100 30-Aug-2008 CA steel sitdown coaster Patron hit something within ride vehicle 22

Guest stated she fractured her rib while riding.

Fractured rib. Treated by private physician.

919088 29-Aug-2008 CA dark ride Body pain (normal motion) 31

Guest stated she injured her neck while on the ride.

Neck injury. Treated by private physician.

919183 29-Aug-2008 CA Continuous Inner Tube Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 42

Guest walked into first aid and stated that she came out of her tube in the catch pool. She...

Head injury. Treated at local hospital.

919080 29-Aug-2008 CA Mine Train Injured in queue or exit 48

Guest stated she injured her hip and back at the load gate.

Treated at local hospital