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ID Date State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
919129 18-Aug-2008 CA Convoy Load/Unload: hit or pinched by restraint 2

Child closed his finger in the door.

Laceration to fingertip.

919158 18-Aug-2008 CA wet play Fall (climb or play area) 29

Guest allegedly slipped on platform by slide #3.

Lower back pain. Guest also stated she wanted to seek further medical treatment. Guest stated that she had injured her back several weeks ago. Treated at local hospital.

919133 17-Aug-2008 CA wave pool Patrons collided 4

Guest bumped his head into his mother's tooth.

Laceration to head.

919124 17-Aug-2008 CA Boomerang Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 19

Guest tripped while exiting ride.

Ankle injury.

919134 16-Aug-2008 CA wave pool Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 4

Guest was hit by a wave while sitting on the beach.

Father reported the child looked tired.

919136 14-Aug-2008 CA waterslide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 27

Guest flipped on tube, hit head on bottom.

Neck pain. Treated at local hospital.

919131 14-Aug-2008 CA Accelerator Coaster Body pain (normal motion) 11

Patron complained of neck pain.

Neck pain. Treated at local hospital.

919082 10-Aug-2008 CA monorail Illness or neurological symptoms 75

Guest stated he experienced neck pain and dizziness. History of cardiac condition.

Neck pain, dizziness. Treated at local hospital and released.

919199 09-Aug-2008 CA boat ride Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 75

While transitioning out of the boat at unload, the guest lost her footing and fell face-forward...

Guest was sent to hospital for evaluation. The guest's wound was closed with steri-strips, released by the hospital, and returned to the park.

919121 03-Aug-2008 CA rafting ride Unknown (not enough info) 34

Patron abraded knee.

Abrasion to knee, became infected.