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ID Date State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
919197 02-Aug-2008 CA motion simulator Illness or neurological symptoms 64

After experiencing the attraction, the guest felt weak and dizzy with nausea. Guest had a pre-...

Guest was assessed by paramedics. It was recommended that she go to the hospital for further evaluation.

919160 01-Aug-2008 CA waterslide Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 46

Guest bumped his head on the left side.

Head injury.

919156 01-Aug-2008 CA racing slide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 26

Guest stated that while she was riding, she fell over the front of her mat and bumped her chin...

Injury to chin.

919189 28-Jul-2008 CA Tornado Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 52

Guest stated that while riding Tornado, she fell on her tailbone, causing pain.

Sacrum pain. Treated at hospital.

919178 28-Jul-2008 CA lazy river Patron's body hit something (participatory attraction) 57

While trying to get onto an inner tube, guest slipped on the bottom of the pool and hit the...

Pain in neck. Treated at local hospital.

919161 26-Jul-2008 CA waterslide Seizure or LOC 48

Guest was pulled unconscious from the splash pool waterslide.

Head laceration on right side, loss of consciousness. Spinal precautions taken to prevent movement of her head. Transported to local hospital.

919065 26-Jul-2008 CA carousel Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 7

This child was one of three children in a family group. During the ride, she was seated in the...


919155 25-Jul-2008 CA racing slide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 11

Guest stated that she was kneeling on the riding mat. As she went over the first hump, she fell...

Injury to chin.

919201 25-Jul-2008 CA steel sitdown coaster Body pain (normal motion) 41

Guest claimed pain to his abdomen that occurred while riding, when the vehicle entered zone 7....

Abdominal pain. Treated at local hospital.

919145 25-Jul-2008 CA body slide Hyperextension or dislocation 57

Guest stated that while going down slide, he bumped his shoulder, dislocating it. Prior history...

Dislocated shoulder.