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ID Date State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
919153 11-Jul-2008 CA racing slide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 22

Guest claimed that the mat slowed, possibly stopped and she hit her chin on the slide.

Laceration to chin. Guest stated that she will seek medical attention.

919138 11-Jul-2008 CA wave pool Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 18

Guest was sitting in inner tube and fell back.

Head and neck pain. Treated at local hospital.

919144 10-Jul-2008 CA tube slide Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 41

Guest stated that a lifeguard slipped and fell while he was getting in their raft.

Pain to left arm.

919064 10-Jul-2008 CA carousel Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 10

Ride ended and guest stepped off the ride platform and fell. Her right elbow hit the ground,...

Abrasions to elbow and knee

919192 07-Jul-2008 CA flume ride Collision: operator-controlled vehicles 33

Guest stated while riding, her boat was bumped from behind, which is normal operation for this...

Neck and back pain. Treated at hospital.

919193 05-Jul-2008 CA looping coaster Illness or neurological symptoms 39

Guest rode the ride, then walked to main gate where she informed security officers that she was...

Head and chest pain. Treated at hospital.

919139 04-Jul-2008 CA waterslide Patron flipped off inner tube or mat 30

Flipped out of tube in catch pool, jamming right finger on bottom.

Deformity of finger; possible fracture.

919207 03-Jul-2008 CA Aqua Drum Entrapment or pinch-point 32

Caught ring on back of entry box. Removed ring with snips. Patient claimed no further need of...

Finger injury.

919072 03-Jul-2008 CA looping coaster Body pain (normal motion) 52

Guest stated her neck hurt after riding.

Neck pain. Treated by private physician

919204 02-Jul-2008 CA motion simulator Body pain (normal motion) 60

Guest reported to first aid and complained of chest pain. Guest has history of hypertension....

Chest pain. Treated at local hospital.