Maryland Division of Labor & Industry

This work product was gathered by Saferparks as a public service. It is believed accurate when published, but there are regular changes in this information. Last 50-state update: September 16, 2008
Agency Information


Regulation Type:

Government officials inspect rides and investigate accidents

Rides/devices regulated under this authority:

  • Rides at large theme parks
  • Rides at smaller parks
  • Rides at fairs and traveling carnivals
  • Inflatables at carnivals and parks
  • Inflatables - private rentals
  • Go-Karts
  • Bungees
  • Waterslides

Special Conditions:

Law prohibits any Bungee attractions.
Regulations Pertaining to Accidents

General categories of accident reporting required for regulated devices:

  • Severe injuries
  • Injuries treated by a physician
  • Injuries requiring on-site first aid
  • Major equipment damage

Reporting Criteria:

Injuries that occur during use of amusement attractions other than injuries that (1) are minor, (2) require only first-aid, (3) do not involve medical treatment or loss of consciousness.

Procedure/Authority for Investigating Accidents:

Must notify agency on occurrence of accidents (see criteria below) and freeze operation until investigated. Call: 24 / 7 @ (410) 767-2990

Records Provided to Saferparks:

Log of reported accidents from 2000-spring 2006. Click here to view records