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This work product was gathered by Saferparks as a public service. It is believed accurate when published, but there are regular changes in this information. Last 50-state update: September 16, 2008
Agency Information


Regulation Type:

No state government safety oversight, but rides must carry insurance

Rides/devices regulated under this authority:

  • Rides at large theme parks
  • Rides at smaller parks
  • Rides at fairs and traveling carnivals
  • Inflatables at carnivals and parks
  • Inflatables - private rentals
  • Go-Karts
  • Bungees
  • Waterslides

Special Conditions:

ADOSH has no jurisdiction over carnival or amusement park rides unless there is a safety issue affecting an employee of the carnival or park. Starting in 2008, rides operated in Arizona must be insured and be inspected by an insurance inspector or local government ride inspector. State government will not enforce the requirement. Local governments can elect to enforce it or ignore it. Ride owners must get separate permits for every participating Arizona county/city in which they operate. Inflatable amusement devices are exempt from the law. As of January 2008, Arizona's only local government ride inspection programs were in Navajo tribal lands (contact Herman Shorty, PO Box 2372, Window Rock, AZ 86515), and in the City of Prescott.
Regulations Pertaining to Accidents

General categories of accident reporting required for regulated devices:

  • Severe injuries
  • Injuries treated by a physician
  • Injuries requiring on-site first aid
  • Major equipment damage

Reporting Criteria:


Procedure/Authority for Investigating Accidents: