Safety information by device type

Amusement ride / Simulator


Amusement devices that use computer-controlled movement and visual/auditory effects to simulate experiences such as space or airplane flight.
Includes the following tradenames and generic devices:

Statistical Summary of Reported Accidents

This device type accounts for 1.5% of amusement ride accident reports.

Record count:116
Records that include age of victim:101(87%)
Records where accident type could be determined:112(97%)
Records with identifiable tradename:41(35%)
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Source: Public records provided by U.S. regulatory agencies under widely varying laws. Regulated industry sectors & devices and criteria for reporting accidents are different in every jurisdiction. 83% of the records were provided by three states (NJ, CA, and TX). 88% of the reports fall within the years 1999-2007. See the Data Sources page for more information.