Safety information by device type

Amusement ride / Trabant


Flat rides that spin horizontally, and then start fluctuating in a wavelike manner. During the duration of the ride, the ride will change speeds. When the ride is fluctuating in its wavelike manner, the person will feel like the ride is not going that fast. However, when the ride is almost over, the person will feel forces on their body, and get pushed toward the outside of the cars. This happens when the ride starts lowering to the ground in a non-wavelike manner.
Includes the following tradenames and generic devices:

Statistical Summary of Reported Accidents

This device type accounts for 0.6% of amusement ride accident reports.

Record count:50
Records that include age of victim:41(82%)
Records where accident type could be determined:46(92%)
Records with identifiable tradename:50(100%)
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Source: Public records provided by U.S. regulatory agencies under widely varying laws. Regulated industry sectors & devices and criteria for reporting accidents are different in every jurisdiction. 83% of the records were provided by three states (NJ, CA, and TX). 88% of the reports fall within the years 1999-2007. See the Data Sources page for more information.