USAID Ride Numbers & Plates

The United States Amusement ID Program was created by CARES and is managed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It allows state or local agencies to permanently attach license plates that uniquely identify amusement rides within the U.S.

The USAID number serves as the foundation of a national ride tracking system. Manufacturer’s serial numbers are not always reliable as a uniquely identifier because they can become obscured over time and are only unique for a given manufacturer.

How the USAID Program Works

  • State or local regulatory jurisdictions establish a requirement that each ride applying for permit have a USAID plate permanently attached. Regulatory jurisdictions can order a sequence of USAID numbers/plates from the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • Rides applying for permit that already have a USAID plate attached are registered using that number. Rides that don’t currently have a USAID plate may purchase one from the regulating agency.
  • Lost or damaged plates must be replaced at the owner/operator’s expense. The original USAID number will be invalidated within the system, and a new USAID number will be assigned to the ride.
  • Regulatory officials can use the CARES website to search the USAID database for information on a specific ride. Search feature currently provides contact information for the regulatory agency that issued the USAID plate.

Placing an Order for USAID Plates

The state of Florida maintains the master list of USAID numbers and manages the procurement process for the plates that are affixed to the amusement rides. Regulatory jurisdictions may obtain a uniquely-numbered set of USAID plates as follows. In order to ensure that each state has its own unique sequence numbers of plates, please follow both steps of this procedure.

  • Contact Janette Beam or Rob Jacobs of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Indicate the number of plates desired and the projected purchase date.
  • After this coordination with the Bureau on the sequence numbers to be ordered, contact PRIDE, the subcontractor responsible for frabricating the license plates. The Bureau will verify with PRIDE the amount of tags and sequence numbers.

Contact Information

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Allan Harrison or Michelle Faulk
Division of Consumer Services
[email protected]

PRIDE Enterprises, Inc.
Bob Triner, Industry Manager
Union Tag Plant
Rt. 1, Box 308
Raiford, Florida 32083
ph: 386-431-2000 ext. 2326
fax: 386-431-1249


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