Safety Tips

Safety tips for riders of all ages

Most amusement ride injuries can be prevented if you know what to watch out for.

Top 10 Tips for Parents

Treat amusement ride safety seriously, just like traffic safety, water safety, and bike safety.

Attention Matters and So Do the Rules

Beware of patron daze, rule fudging, wiggle worms and horseplay.

Carnival Safety Video

Kids and adults can learn how to have a safe, fun time on the midway.

Minimum Height Restrictions

For some kids on some rides, minimum height limits set by manufacturers may be too low for safety.

Find the Ride that Fits

For safety's sake, make sure the ride fits the rider, especially for kids.

Patrons with Disabilities

When choosing rides for people with disabilities, be conservative and realistic.

Wild Rides

Fast Cars and Wild Rides: Whiplash, Headbanging, and Sqeezeplays.

Patron-directed Rides and Devices

Injuries are more common on patron-directed amusement rides and attractions.


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