Devices Covered:
Covers permanent and portable rides under separate statute/regulations. Includes waterslides, bungee jumps, ziplines, mechanical bulls and surfing simulators. Excludes go-karts, inflatables, dry slides, rock walls/climbing structures, walk-through and glass houses, and live animal rides.
Inspection Program:
For permanent park rides, state inspectors perform an annual records audit, unannounced operational inspection, and physical inspection of the ride each year. In addition, ride owners are required to have a Qualified Safety Inspector (QSI) certify annually that each ride meets industry standards and state regulations. The QSI may be a park employee, 3rd party inspector or state inspector. All portable amusement rides are inspected before they are originally put into operation for the public's use and thereafter at least once every year. Portable rides may also be inspected each time they are disassembled and reassembled.
Investigative Authority:
State inspectors have authority to investigate reportable accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
All ride owners must report accidents resulting in death or injury requiring medical service other than ordinary first aid. As of 2008, portable ride owners must also report major mechanical failures and any accident in which a patron falls or is ejected from the ride mid-cycle, regardless of injury.
Last Update
April 8, 2017


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