Division of Oil and Public Safety
Online Laws and Regulations:

Regulations and Statutes


Devices Covered:
Includes traditional amusement rides, bungee jumping, bungee trampolines, climbing walls in amusement settings, concession go-karts, bumper boats, gravity-propelled rides and devices, water slides, trampoline courts, ziplines, and aerial adventure courses. Excludes mechanical bulls, slides, live animal rides, laser paintball games, inflatable amusement devices, and amusement devices operated at private events or infrequently by non-profits.
Inspection Program:
Annual inspection by a third party inspector. The inspector files a Certificate of Inspection with the Division. The state can request to see the annual inspection report.
Investigative Authority:
State has authority to investigate accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
Owner/operator must notify the Division of any injury caused by a malfunction or failure of an amusement ride or device, or any injury caused by an operator or patron error which impairs the function of an amusement ride or device. Report by phone within 24 hrs; submit written report within 72 hrs.
Last Update
January 17, 2020


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