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Code and Administrative Rules


Devices Covered:
Includes inflatables; bungees; water rides (i.e., flume rides and others that have a source other than gravity that propels patrons); climbing wall utilizing an auto-belay system; dry slides; mechanical bulls; zip lines that do not allow the rider to touch the ground at all times. Excludes waterslides and other water attractions regulated as swimming pools by IA dept. of public health; amusement structures in which the patrons navigate on their own power and the patrons do not ride, climb or walk on a mechanical component; zip line or climbing wall located at a camp or retreat owned and operated by a nonprofit religious, educational or charitable institution/association.
Inspection Program:
Rides/devices are inspected by state officials annually prior to operation and after a major modification. Inflatable companies may apply to self-inspect if they only operate inflatables, have a training certificate from a 3rd party provider, and have a history of safe operation in Iowa. The state may waive the inspection if an operator gives satisfactory proof that the device has passed an inspection conducted by a public or private agency whose inspection standards and requirements are at least equal to those established by IA.
Investigative Authority:
The commissioner, after consultation with the operator and determination, may require that the scene of a serious accident be secured and not disturbed to any greater extent than necessary for removal of the deceased or injured persons. If a ride is removed from service by the commissioner, the commissioner shall order an immediate investigation and the ride or device shall be released for repair and operation only after complete investigation.
Reporting Criteria:
An operator shall report in writing to the commissioner an accident resulting in injury to any person within 48 hours after occurrence of the incident. The operator shall immediately report by telephone any major breakdown or any accident in which a fatality occurs or a person suffers a fracture, concussion, laceration or other traumatic injury requiring immediate surgical or medical care.
Special Conditions
Waterslides are regulated by the Iowa Dept. of Public Health.
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April 8, 2017


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