Department of Agriculture
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Devices Covered:
Includes amusement parks, mobile carnivals, air inflatables, go-cart tracks, restaurant play courts and water parks. Excludes animal rides, slides less than 15' tall, haunted houses, hay rides, corn mazes, mechanical bulls, aerial tramways, watercraft other than bumper boats, paintball courses, lazy rivers, wave pools, trampolines not requiring an assistive device, belayed rappelling equipment and facilities, ziplines, ropes courses, obstacle courses.
Inspection Program:
Rides/devices must be inspected annually by state officials, plus possibility of additional inspections throughout the year.
Investigative Authority:
State inspectors are authorized to investigate serious accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
Owner/operator must submit a written report within 12 hrs of the following: (1) (a) Death; (b) Injury requiring ambulance or emergency vehicle transport to a hospital from the site, where the injury is a result of a failure of the amusement ride or attraction; or (c) Damage to an amusement ride or attraction that affects the future safe operation of the ride or attraction. (2) Sudden, unplanned, non-accidental stoppage of the ride. (3) Structural or major mechanical failure.
Last Update
April 8, 2017


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