Dept. of Public Safety
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Laws and Regulations


Devices Covered:
Includes inflatables, go-karts, challenge courses, climbing walls, trackless trains, carnival and rental inflatables, bungee jumping, inclined railways or similar devices.
Inspection Program:
Annually by 3rd-party inspectors for amusement rides and large inflatables. Small inflatables (including rentals) may be inspected by a state inspector anytime during the season as deemed necessary.
Investigative Authority:
If a serious injury (e.g. death/dismemberment) results from a ride malfunction, or results in major damage to the ride or component system, the device must be shut down and secured until a state inspector has completed an investigation.
Reporting Criteria:
Accidents resulting in serious injury or major damage to the ride/device must be reported within one hour. Serious injury is defined as "personal injury/illness that results in death, dismemberment, significant disfigurement, permanent loss of the use of a body organ, member, function, or system, a compound fracture, or other significant injury/illness that requires immediate admission and overnight hospitalization and observation by a licensed physician".
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April 10, 2017


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