Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
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Devices Covered:
Includes zip lines, aerial lifts, go-karts, water slides. Excludes hobby locomotive operating on narrow gauge tracks less than 24 inches.
Inspection Program:
State officials inspect rides at least once per year. Officials may inspect rides more often, and do when problems or questions arise that warrant a re-inspection.
Investigative Authority:
State inspectors are authorized to investigate serious accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
(a) Must report in writing any accident resulting in injury within 24hrs of occurrence. (b) Immediate phone report is required if fatality occurs or person suffers a fracture, concussion, laceration, or other traumatic injury requiring immediate surgical or medical care resulting from structural or mechanical failure of the ride. (c) A major breakdown / mechanical failure must be reported within 24 hrs, followed up by a written report within 7 days. (d) For cases b & c, the department may require that the ride be shutdown pending an investigation.
Last Update
April 10, 2017


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