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Devices Covered:
Includes inflatables in commercial use at a permanently located facility to which the general public is invited or which is rented out for private parties or other events (i.e., inflatables at carnivals/fairs are exempt, as are inflatables rented out for events at a client's facility). Excludes non-mechanized playground equipment like dry slides, trampolines, and physical fitness devices.
Inspection Program:
Annually by a certified amusement ride inspector (NAARSO/AIMS Level II or III). Inspector may be either an employee of the insurance company or an independent inspection service provider. Ride/device must be reinspected after a major modification or serious illness/injury involving the ride. According to Minnesota Statute 184B, it looks like inflatables don't have to be inspected, although they have to be insured. Blowers and generators may be subject to electrical inspection requirements.
Investigative Authority:
An amusement ride must be re-inspected by a certified amusement ride inspector and approved by the commissioner before it may be operated following a serious injury or illness involving the ride.
Reporting Criteria:
Owner/operator must report serious injury/illness arising from the use or operation of an amusement ride to either the state agency or local law enforcement. The accident must be investigated by the state or local law enforcement. Serious injury or illness is one that results in death, dismemberment, disfigurement, compound fracture, or permanent loss of the use of a body organ, member, function or system, or that requires hospital admission within 24 hours of the accident or incident.
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