Department of Labor, Office of Safety
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Devices Covered:
Includes bungee jumping. Excludes inflatables, non-mechanized playground equipment, including slides and trampolines.
Inspection Program:
Rides/devices must be inspected before the ride is put into operation for public use and at least once every year prior to public use by state-certified 3rd party inspectors. Commissioner may waive the inspection requirement if proof is provided that the ride has passed inspection in another jurisdiction with requirements at least as stringent as Nebraska's.
Investigative Authority:
The commissioner may suspend the permit for any ride-related serious injury caused by a breakdown or malfunction of the ride, and may require an inspection before the ride re-opens.
Reporting Criteria:
Owner/operator must send the state a copy of any accident report required by his/her insurer within 48 hrs, and must immediately report by phone a major breakdown or any accident in which a fatality occurs or a person suffers a fracture, concussion, laceration or other traumatic injury requiring immediate surgical or medical care.
Special Conditions
Accident reports are not considered to be public records.
Last Update
April 7, 2017


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