New Hampshire

Dept. of Safety
Online Laws and Regulations:

Laws and rules


Devices Covered:
Includes inflatables, go-karts, alpine slides / mountain coasters, bungee rides, water slides, slides over 8 feet in height, amusement devices that require the user to wear a body harness.
Inspection Program:
Annual inspections by state inspector plus follow-ups as needed.
Investigative Authority:
The state investigates serious accidents to determine cause, such as: (1) patron error, (2) operator error, or (3) mechanical error.
Reporting Criteria:
Owner/operator must report any accident where: (1) A person dies as a result of a defect in the design of the ride, operator error, malfunction or the rider's fault; (2) A serious injury occurs that indicates the safety of future users of the ride might be in jeopardy; (3) A person's injury requires admission or outpatient treatment at a hospital; or (4) Damage to the ride would affect the safety of the ride.
Last Update
April 10, 2017


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