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Devices Covered:
Includes traditional amusement rides, bungee jumping, inflatable rides, climbing walls. Excludes rides operated at a trade show or private facility; devices that the director of agriculture determines don't meet the definition of "safe operation", including: mechanical bulls, surfboards, zip lines, vertical wind tunnels, skateboard or bicycle rodeo devices, cable wakeboard or ski facilities, or other devices that are not intended or manufactured to secure the rider from threat of physical danger, harm, or loss.
Inspection Program:
Annual, plus re-inspections after an accident & mid-season operational inspections. Conducted by authorized inspectors of the department.
Investigative Authority:
State inspectors authorized to investigate serious accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
Death or injuries requiring immediate admission to hospital must be reported within 24 hours. The accident scene must be preserved until the ride is re-inspected or the state approves its re-opening. The owner/operator must notify the state when design flaws or failures that may affect rider safety are identified. On rides for which the manufacturer is no longer in existence, the owner shall take appropriate corrective action, as determined by an individual with a recognized degree or professional certificate.
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April 9, 2017


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