Devices Covered:
Includes inflatables; any amusement park device that uses treated water as the means of transportation, including the structure and water quality of the device.
Inspection Program:
State inspects all amusement rides at permanent amusement parks annually. Portable rides are inspected every time they're moved. Additionally, state inspectors perform surveillance of amusement rides during the year to ensure that the rides are being operated in accordance with state law. Insurance inspectors must be licensed with the state annually. Shows that play more than 5 events in OK annually and have <= 25 rides on their midway may apply to use their own inspectors instead of the state's.
Investigative Authority:
State has authority to investigate accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
Ride-related death or injury requring medical care beyond on-site first aid must be reported to the state immediately.
Last Update
April 9, 2017


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