South Carolina

Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
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Devices Covered:
Includes bungee jumping. Excludes inflatables, water park rides and attractions.
Inspection Program:
Rides must be inspected annually by Special Inspectors who are licensed by the Dept. of LLR, but are not employees of the agency. LLR employs a team of auditors who travel the state to randomly review the work performed by the Special Inspectors.
Investigative Authority:
When a catastrophic accident causes death or hospitalization of at least three people, the ride owner or lessee shall immediately shut down the device from further use. The device may not resume operation until the safety coordinator determines that the catastrophic accident was not caused by a mechanical or structural defect in the amusement device. If the safety coordinator determines that a catastrophic accident was caused by a mechanical failure or structural defect, the device must remain shut down until repairs are completed and the device is considered operational by a licensed architect, professional engineer, qualified inspector of an insurance underwriter, or other qualified inspector. An affidavit of the inspection and correction of defect must be filed with the director.
Reporting Criteria:
Accidents resulting in death, fracture, disfigurement or immediate in-patient hospitalization must be reported by the next business day.
Last Update
April 9, 2017


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