County Governments (state law requires county permits)
Online Laws and Regulations:


Devices Covered:
Includes bungee, inflatables, zip lines, concession go-karts, climbing walls, and bumper boats. excludes water slides used in community association, community club or community organization swimming pools; mechanical bulls or similar devices; mall trains, shopping mall trains or electric trackless trains for malls; water walking balls, euro bubbles, etc.
Inspection Program:
Permits are issued by local building codes enforcement agency. Certified amusement device inspectors must perform the inspections of amusement devices. Certified inspectors may be employees of the local government or may be independent inspectors who are hired by the amusement device owners/operator.
Investigative Authority:
Ride owners are required to investigate their own accidents and report findings to the county Dept. of Buildings. County officials may follow up.
Reporting Criteria:
Death or injury requiring overnight hospitalization must be reported to local Building Department. Reports are kept by county, city, or town building department. Contact each local building dept.
Special Conditions
State law sets uniform statewide regulations amusement devices. Enforcement is the responsibility of each local government’s building inspection department. Local government does not have authority to change the way amusement rides operating within their jurisdiction are regulated.
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April 9, 2017


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