Dept. of Labor and Industries
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Devices Covered:
Includes sky rides, dark rides, bungee jumping devices. Excludes waterslides; nonmechanized playground equipment, including slides, trampolines.
Inspection Program:
Annually for mechanical and electrical safety; at each setup for electrical. Annual safety inspections are performed by state certified (NAARSO Level II or equivalent) private inspectors hired by the ride owner or their insurance company. Inspections performed in other states with comparable regulations suffice. Electrical inspections are performed by state or local government inspectors.
Investigative Authority:
L&I usually will suspend the ride's operating permit while inspectors look for the cause of the problem. Depending on the severity of an accident, private-industry inspectors and L&I inspectors both likely will go to the scene. Once the problem has been fixed, new mechanical and electrical inspections may be required before the ride begins operating again.
Reporting Criteria:
Ride operators must report to the department within 24 hours: 1) any incident or accident where evacuation of a ride results from an electrical or mechanical malfunction or when emergency personnel are needed to assist in the evacuation; and 2) any incident or accident involving personal injury that requires medical treatment, other than ordinary first aid.
Special Conditions
Waterslides are regulated by the Washington State Dept. of Health.
Last Update
April 7, 2017


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