Dept. of Commerce, Safety and Building Division
Online Laws and Regulations:


Devices Covered:
Includes go-karts, bungee jumps, walk-throughs, inflatables, giant slides, and animal rides. Vehicles include parking lot trams, old fire engines, stage coaches and trains. Applies to amusement rides (permanent or portable) that are open to the public. Excludes nonmechanized playground equipment, such as slides; climbing walls that do not involve a mechanical take-up or release system.
Inspection Program:
All rides/devices are subject to periodic inspection by the department. Plans for permanent rides must be approved by the Division and inspected by the division prior to opening.
Investigative Authority:
State inspectors are authorized to investigate serious accidents.
Reporting Criteria:
Injuries to frequenters caused by amusement rides that require more than first aid treatment shall be reported by the owner to the department within 2 business days of the injury. Fatalities caused by amusement rides shall be reported to the department or the state division of emergency management within 24 hours of occurrence.
Last Update
April 9, 2017


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